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Edin Soap Co

Edin Soap Co.

Year Opened:  2020

What do you do?
We started Edin Soap Co. to offer hand crafted and cut soap and shampoo bars for people with sensitive skin. Each natural bar is made with love and care, and is plastic-free, cruelty free, and vegan.

Why do you do what you do?
Over 50% of plastic in the bathroom is not recycled, which creates an enormous amount of waste in the environment. Join us in our mission to eliminate plastic from the bathroom and to cherish your body the same way we cherish our planet.

What sets your business apart?
Our ingredients are sourced directly from the United Kingdom, a country with a rich history of cold-processing soaps that goes back 300 years. At Edin, we continue on this tradition using the same traditional method while using the best materials straight from the earth itself. Born in Scotland, and handmade for you.

Favorite part of doing business in Long Beach (or surrounding area)?
It's great being able to interact directly with the community through a variety of pop-ups ie. the Summer Boardwalk Fair it's cool to see people locally get excited for new brands :) - especially brands that can help them directly!

What would be a great referral for you?
We have primarily been selling digitally on our website, with our first retail location in Manhattan. We'd love to get connect with any of the local boutiques that might be interested in carrying high-end cold-processed soaps.


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Edin Soap

Edin Soap

Edin Soap