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Over the last year it has become clear to many people and organizations in our Community that "Long Beach Must Have A Hospital".

The Beach-To-Bay Central Council of Civics, and others whose signatures appear below, have drafted a Mission Statement which we believe clearly states the community's demand to establish a new Long Beach Hospital.
If you believe that LONG BEACH MUST HAVE A HOSPITAL, you can help in several ways:
- Send out the Mission Statement below to your personal/professional networks, with a note conveying your support.
- Offer to volunteer: help with telephone calls to neighbors, appear at rallies, support our social media efforts, or support our research experts. Contact us at BeachtoBayCentral@gmail.com to indicate how you want to get involved.
- Donate to the BBCC: P.O. Box 753, Long Beach, New York 11561. Donations will be invested in posters, lawn signs, buses to Albany and other costs to restore a full-service Hospital to our Community.

Thank You,

Barbara Bernardino - Founder BBCC
Phyllis Libutti - Founder BBCC
Dr. Martin Gruber - Medical Researcher BBCC
Frank McQuade - BBCC Volunteer/Legal
Matthew Adler: BBCC Volunteer/Social Media
Ed Glister - BBCC Volunteer
Mark Tannenbaum - BBCC Volunteer/Researcher Economic Impact

Long Beach MUST Have a Hospital: Mission Statement

Long Beach, as an isolated barrier island, MUST have a full-service Hospital, led by new management, using already designated FEMA funds. OUR Hospital must provide emergency, medical, surgical, pediatric, psychiatric services and community based outpatient services.
The New York State Department of Health recommends a 120-bed Hospital for the population of our barrier island (Berger Report).

Anything less, including a Hospital located in towns away from our barrier island, will lead to inferior medical service and medical complications, including potential deaths. In addition, placing a Hospital elsewhere has caused an estimated quarter billion dollars of economic loss and the estimated loss of 3,000 jobs to Long Beach and the adjacent South Shore Communities.

We will work with South Nassau Community Hospital, the City of Long Beach, and the affected Communities to achieve these critical objectives.

P.S. Support for the data presented in our Mission Statement can be found in: "Findings of the Long Island Regional Advisory Committee (October, 2006)" pp 24-5