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Adopt A Business

Leah Tozer & Amanda Moore

Long Beach New York




A Long Beach School District Recycling Outreach Program


"Empowering our youth to become environmental leaders in our community one recycling bin at a time"



Dear Parents/Teachers/Staff/Administration:                         


Beginning this Winter, classrooms throughout Long Beach will be partnering with the Long Beach Business Community to encourage recycling as a daily practice.


WHAT: The "Adopt-a-Bin" program will pair a classroom with a Long Beach business to support, fundraising and sponsoring the $20 cost of a recycling bin to be placed on site at that business. Students will also craft handmade signage for their chosen business and present both to their adopted business. Representatives from the class will make regular visits to the business to monitor the recycling efforts and each business will be graded by the students on their recycling efforts. We hope that classroom curriculum connections will be made on the subjects of recycling and the environment, as well as through the bin fundraising and the community outreach.

WHY:  This program was conceived to applaud existing recycling practices and also encourage the entire business community to do their part. While it is New York State Law that we all recycle, compliance isn't consistent. We all want to live in a litter-free City and patronize businesses that care for the environment and the future as much as we do. Our children see us recycling at home, and now we need their help to promote the proper disposable of trash everywhere.  We believe that taking a part in their community will increase self-esteem and pride and that this program will enhance community-business relations.


WHEN:  You will be receiving more information and take-home flyers in the coming weeks.  The program will begin soon and run through the end of the ‘17-‘18 school year.


WHO: Leah Tozer & Amanda Moore will be the contact persons.  You can call Leah at 516-860-5784 or email at leah.tozer@evusa.com or Amanda Moore 917-887-6765 or email at amanda@wolfandwinginteriordesign.com


Please consider taking part in this program that will not only help the community come together with a shared purpose but will also keep our streets safe and clean.

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